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BALD EAGLE WATCHING  – (22 NW) - Prairie du Sac, WI - Watch by Wisconsin River View Stand and By The Prairie du Sac Hydroelectric Dam. Experience Bald Eagle Watching in Prairie du Sac, WI - a popular eagle watching area and a top 101 Southernl Wisconsin attraction and things to do in South Central WI. Visit Prairie du Sac, South Central WI and Bald Eagle watching. Bald Eagle Watching in Sauk Prairie WI is located on the main street in Sauk Prairie at the view stand, along the river, or at the Hydroelectric dam just north of Sauk City. Eagle watching in Prairie du Sac is about 24 miles NW or Madison. In December, January and February watch bald eagles in Wisconsin at open water by the dams early mornings where eagles can fish, or in the fields feeding on deer carcasses. They roost late in the afternoon in large trees that provide some protection from cold. 

International Crane Foundation - - 50 miles Northwest of our inn near Baraboo, WI. The ICF works worldwide in an effort to conserve cranes and their wetland habitats. Wisconsin bird watchers will enjoy a captive population of all 15 species of cranes for breeding and reintroduction to the wild. 11 varieties are considered endangered species.


Horicon Marsh Wildlife Area - 70 miles Northeast of our inn at Horicon, WI. The renowned Horicon Marsh is both a state wildlife area and national wildlife refuge best known for its migrant flocks of Canadian Geese. But don't miss the 260 varieties of other birds that have been spotted at the marsh. "Marsh Melodies" features lectures, shows, hikes and tours on various marsh birds.


BIRDING - Great birding in Madison Wi and South Central Wisconsin. Our Madison WI and Southern Wisconsin bird watcher guide and directory will help you appreciate nature and birding, wildlife and nature lovers - including attractions, cities, dining, events, lodging and shopping in menu above..


Beginner's Guide to Bird Watching by HomeAdvisor - Sara in a youth group project sent me this beginner's link. Thank you Sara for sharing!


Finding Local Birds - - Page resource discovered and shared by Madelyn. 


Beginning Bird Watching Guide - Site discovered and shared by Frannie Davis, Science Student Teacher, Seattle Public Schools.


Birder's World - - World birding site and birding magazine resource. 


The Ultimate Guide to Bird Watching 

Birding Pal - - World wide birding resource, birding in the United States, Wisconsin birding information and lodging for birders. 


Birds Central Forums - A site that celebrates the enjoyment and study of birds.


Hummingbird Gardens - Make your garden Hummingbird Friendly! 


American Birding Association - - The ABA organization seeks to contribute to your knowledge, identification skills and enjoyment of birding, and bird habitat conservation.

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